Unit 10: Post-AP Exam Projects (4–5 weeks)

About This Curriculum

This project contains the source for the TEALS AP Computer Science A Curriculum. Content can be browsed in the following ways:

  • On GitBook — The official source for the book

  • On GitHub — From the repository contents on GitHub

  • Locally – From a local clone of the development repository

Style Guidelines

Please read the Style Guidelines before modifying the contents of this repo. They're short and ensure consistency across the docset.


  • Christine Keefe (Curriculum Developer)

  • Nathaniel Granor (TEALS Regional Lead)


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. See LICENSE.md for the full license.


TEALS Summer Fellows

  • Ben Watsky

  • Julian Boss

Markdown Conversion & Repo Setup

Special Thanks

  • Glenn Durfee

  • Peter Durham

AP CS Curriculum Squad Volunteers

  • Kevin Wilson

  • Leo Franchi

  • Miki Friedman

  • Jim Steinberger

  • Robyn Moscowitz

  • Eric Halsey

  • Kevin Trotter

  • Andrew Smith

  • Paul Roales

  • David Broman

  • Yael Elmatad

  • Glenn Durfee

  • Peter Durham

  • Nelson Collin

  • Ralph Case

  • Charley Williams

  • Jeffrey Booth

AP CS Curriculum Squad Teachers

  • Nate Binz

  • Janet Roberts

  • Brett Wortzman

  • Ingrid Roche