Unit 10: Post-AP Exam Projects (4–5 weeks)

Unit 3 Test Guide

As written, the test for this unit is probably too long for students to complete in one class period. Extra questions have been included so you can:

  1. Pick and choose which questions will appropriately assess your students.

  2. Create different versions of the test (if you’ve noticed that cheating is a problem).

  3. Simulate an authentic AP test experience.

When modifying the test to suit your students, don’t forget to:

  1. Change the headings on Section I & II to reflect the actual number of questions.

  2. Change the headings on Section I & II to reflect the correct percentages of their total test

    score. The AP exam weights Section I & II at 50% of the overall score, each.

  3. Adjust the test pacing for your class period’s time span. The ultimate goal is to work your

    students up to a pace of 2 minutes per Section I question, and 26 minutes per Section II question

    (including time for checking).

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