Unit 10: Post-AP Exam Projects (4–5 weeks)

Lesson 3.10: Nested if/else Statements


Objectives — Students will be able to…

  • Choose which if statements to use for different problems

  • Use correct syntax for the different if statements

Assessments — Students will…

  • Teach a mini-lesson on sequential or nested if statements

  • Submit several practice questions

Homework — Students will…

  • Read BJP 4.1, “Factoring if/else statements” and “Testing multiple conditions”

  • Complete exercises 4 and 5

Materials & Prep

  • Projector and computer (optional)

  • Whiteboard and markers

  • Group copies of WS 3.10

  • Poster paper, construction paper, white paper, and lined paper

  • Markers, tape, and glue sticks

  • Classroom copies of textbooks

  • Student group assignments (3-6 groups)

Have all materials out on student desks, or conveniently laid out for students to help themselves to so they can start right away, with minimal instruction from you. Don’t forget to circle which if/else statements students should be presenting on.

Pacing Guide


Total Time

Student practice


Student mini-lessons


Practice exercises



Your hook for today’s lesson is to turn the reins over to students immediately. Have instructions printed out and sitting at team work stations (or on student desks). Make students answer their own questions using the instruction sheet and text book.

Student Practice [20 minutes]

Give students 20 minutes to prepare their presentation. Use a timer and periodically announce how much time is left in class so students can pace themselves.

Student Mini-Lessons [15 minutes]

  1. Give students 5 minutes per team to present their topic.

  2. Encourage students to ask questions, and be sure to ask a question or two of each team (depending on how many teams you have).

Worksheet [15 minutes]

Leave about 10–15 minutes at the end of class for students to individually complete practice questions:

  1. Self-Check 4.5: ifElseMystery1

  2. Self-Check 4.6: ifElseMystery2

  3. Exercise 4.3: season

College Board Topic Questions

After this lesson, students will be able to answer questions from the College Board Unit 3 Topic Questions 3.5 Compound Boolean expressions, 3.6 Equivaletn Boolean Expressions, and 3.7 Comparing Objects

Accommodation and Differentiation

Circle around the room to help students through reading the text in the textbook. Make sure that each of your working teams are properly stratified (rather than using tiered grouping).

If students are speeding along, encourage students to write down questions to pose to other groups during mini-lessons.

Forum discussion

Lesson 3.10 Nested if/else Statements (TEALS Discourse account required)