Unit 10: Post-AP Exam Projects (4–5 weeks)

Lesson 5.05: Finding & Fixing Errors


Objectives — Students will be able to…

  • Find errors in their returned homework assignments.

  • Correct their code

Assessments — Students will…

  • Re-submit all homework assignments with corrected answers.

Homework — Students will…

  • Review materials for the Picture lab by:

    • Reviewing all the blue pages at the end of Chapter 8

  • Submit 5 questions for review in class tomorrow using electronic survey

  • Update all summaries in notebook for the upcoming notebook check

Materials & Prep

  • Any student homework assignments that you have not yet returned

  • Student self-help system (such as C2B4 or student pairing)

  • Electronic survey for student review requests

The homework tonight asks students to submit 5 questions for review. Create an electronic survey for students to complete with 6 text fields, one for name, and 5 for questions they have about Ch. 8 content. Set a deadline by which time students must have submitted 5 questions from Ch.8 that they would like to see reviewed after completion of the Pictures lab. If students do not have questions, stipulate that they still have to submit something to receive credit, even if it is only questions they think other students may have.

Pacing Guide


Total Time

Bell-work and attendance


Introduction and homework distribution


Student work


Students trade work, check, and submit



Today we continue reinforcing concepts and applying the tools, procedures, and code that were introduced last week. Students will have the opportunity to correct any incorrect homework or classwork assignments. If students did not have time to finish the homework from yesterday, you may allow them time to work on that today.

Bell-work and Attendance [5 minutes]

Introduction and Homework Distribution [5 minutes]

  1. Return student homework packets, or have students place their returned homeworks in a pile on their desk.

  2. Explain to students that they have the opportunity to get full credit on their homework grades by correcting them now, in class. Ask students for suggestions/ideas on how to make sure they don’t miss any errors.

    By now students should be used to relying on their error checklist/algorithm.

Student Work [35 minutes]

Have students work individually to correct their homework grades.

  • Offer time checks for students so they stay on task.

  • If students have not finished homework assignments, allow them time today to complete these assignments to turn in for partial credit.

Students trade work, check, and turn in [10 minutes]

At the end of class, have students trade their homework assignments to evaluate each other’s corrections before submission.

Accommodation and Differentiation

In ELL classrooms, pair students and allow them to work together to correct their work. If you noticed a particular problem was difficult for the majority of students, read the question aloud and help students work through it.

For those students who have nothing to correct (or finish very early), reward them with silent free time, or allow them to work on a free-choice programming project.

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