Unit 10: Post-AP Exam Projects (4–5 weeks)

Unit 7 Test Guide

As written, the test for this unit is probably too long for students to complete in one class period. Extra questions have been included so you can:

  1. Pick and choose which questions will appropriately assess your students.

  2. Create different versions of the test (if you’ve noticed that cheating is a problem).

  3. Simulate an authentic AP test experience.

When modifying the test to suit your students, don’t forget to:

  1. Change the headings on Section I & II to reflect the actual number of questions.

  2. Change the headings on Section I & II to reflect the correct percentages of their total test score. The AP exam weights Section I & II at 50% of the overall score, each.

  3. Adjust the test pacing for your class period’s time span. The ultimate goal is to work your students up to a pace of 90 seconds per Section I question, and 26 minutes per Section II question (including time for checking).

  4. Keep track of which questions you remove from the test so you can use them during Unit 9 test prep/review.

Even in the final (reduced-size) version, the test will be very long. Be sure to take this into account when photocopying versions of the test. If you teach multiple sections of this class, you may want to have students use bubble-in sheets so you can erase student markings and re-use test packets between class periods.

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